Sunday, April 07, 2013

Arab media says story of Egyptian Jewish girl in IDF as "fake" as Anne Frank

During Passover, I excerpted and linked to a great article on the IDF blog about a young woman, Dina
Ovadia, who had been born and raised in Egypt without knowing she was Jewish and her journey to Israel where she is now in the IDF.

Naturally, Arabic language sites are fuming about this story.

The Arabic Media Internet Network has an article by Rashid Shaheen of Bethlehem, where he states that the story is a fraud.

Not only is it a lie, he states, but it is another Zionist lie like the lie of the diary of Anne Frank, which, he claims - quoting Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy - was written in ballpoint pen before such pens were invented.

Well, he is right about one thing. Dina Ovadia's story is just as legitimate as Anne Frank's.

One part of the article he believes. though - that Ovadia suffered from some name calling in school when she first moved to Israel. That part of the story, of course, proves Israeli hatred for Arabs and racism against a girl who presumably doesn't exist. But the rest is simply lies, lies, lies...