Sunday, April 21, 2013

A belly dancer claims that she humiliated Jewish leaders with her beauty

There is a bizarre interview in El Bashayer Online (Egypt) with veteran Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo.

She claims that she danced for the kings and presidents, and that she managed to beguile Begin. When he complimented her on her dancing she says "I hit former prime minister of Israel Menachem Begin on his brain when he came to woo me, and I demanded that he solve the Palestinian issue instead of extolling my beauty".

She said "I made the Jews drop to their knees begging me to dance for them, as a sort of humiliation - because of my strong love for the Palestinians and my belief in their just cause."

Um, yeah.

Here is what she looked like in better days, and now:

It seems likely that she is trying to spin the history of her career in light of the Islamist takeover of Egypt. After all, scenes like the beginning of this clip cannot endear her much to the Muslim Brotherhood:

(h/t Al Gharqad)