Sunday, March 17, 2013

The hypocrisy of "gay rights advocate" Sarah Schulman

I have written about Sarah Schulman before when she wrote a truly hateful NYT op-ed and elsewhere.

An article in Tablet by Sohrab Ahmari exposes her sheer hypocrisy:
I couldn’t help but raise my hand. “So is Hamas part of the ‘they?’” I asked.

Schulman answered: “Hamas—you know, every time I give one of these talks one guy asks about Hamas.” Then a flurry of protests: “I have never supported any political party! I don’t even support the Democratic Party!”

But of course I didn’t ask Schulman if she supports Hamas. “What I meant is: Is Hamas engaged in ‘systems of supremacy?’ Does Hamas fit into your definition of ‘they,’ of people who are implicated in ‘systems of supremacy?’

“It depends?” Schulman responded, her tone seesawing between the declarative and interrogative modes. “You know, sometimes—I don’t know enough about Hamas to give you a complete, intelligent analysis of Hamas. But there are people who get into all kinds of movements because they have particular needs. And I don’t—let me say it this way: All over the world there is conflict between religion and politics. In the United States we are unable to separate religion and politics, and that’s true in Israel, it’s true in the Arab world, it’s true all over the world. Do I think that there should be religious governments? No, because I’m not in favor of that. I’m not a religious person, and I see it as a negative force in the world. But if people elect, democratically elect a religious government, that’s their government. That would be my answer.”

Here was the BDS movement in a nutshell. In a room filled with progressive activists, an American academic with unimpeachable progressive credentials claimed she didn’t know enough about Hamas to criticize its views on matters of gender and sexual orientation. She had heard somewhere that Hamas was “democratically elected”—apparently Schulman had missed the news about how, the last time Hamas seized power in Gaza, it was via defenestration—and that sufficed to render the group above judgment. Acknowledging the obvious about Hamas would have demoralized the BDS faithful gathered at the LGBT Center that night, and what sort of religious movement would want to do that?
Schulman, a supposed gay-rights activist, is actually claiming that anti-gay policies are beyond criticism when legislated by an elected government!

But in her mind the elected government of Israel, which protects gay rights, has no legitimacy.

How can any self-respecting gay-rights activist hold such absurdly illogical opinions?

Simple. Sarah Schulman is not a gay-right activist. She is a hater of Israel, and she tries to shoe-horn her hatred of the Jewish state in to a gay-rights agenda. The fact that her positions are thoroughly inconsistent with any sane gay-rights agenda doesn't matter since, to haters like Schulman, consistency and gay rights are far less important than destroying the state that provides safe refuge to the people of her ancestral religion.

The poster I made of Schulman has never been more appropriate.