Friday, March 15, 2013

Last week, Turkey sent aid to Gaza - through Israel

Not sure how I - and almost everyone else - missed this last week:
 Today (Wednesday March 6) a Turkish food donation including three trucks that crossed through Kerem Shalom into the Gaza Strip took place.

...As part of the crossing's operation, the arrival of more than 400 trucks into Gaza from Israel was coordinated, out of which three trucks were accompanied by the head of the Turkish Red Crescent. The 3 trucks included 60 tons of food and food in closed packages.

This is the first time since the Turkish flotilla to the Gaza coast, that the Turkish government sends aid to citizens of the Gaza Strip with Israeli recognition and coordination, through the port of Ashdod and Kerem Shalom.

The Turkish donation was made possible to transfer with hard staff work in the COGAT headquarters and coordination by the Gaza CLA.
Isn't it remarkable that no Turks were killed by the bloodthirsty Israelis when trying to bring aid to Gaza? Look - they are even smiling!