Friday, February 08, 2013

Today's fake PCHR "civilian"

As I had noted already last November, Hamas drags its feet in publishing many of its "martyr" obituaries. This way, in the initial aftermath of an Israeli operation, the reports are filled with reports of "civilian" casualties, often by media relying on PCHR or the Hamas-controleld gaza Health Ministry to determine whether someone is a civilian or not.

Then, when Hamas finally admits quietly that some of these so-called "civilians" are really Hamas jihadists, no one notices.

Here are the latest examples.

From PCHR:
At approximately 15:30, Israeli warplanes fired 2 missiles at 2 cars that were traveling near the Future Club in al-Sabra neighborhood, in which 5 civilians, including a pair of twins, were traveling. As a result of this attack, 5 civilians were killed:
1- Subhi Nemer Mohammed Dughmosh, 29;
2- Salah Nember Mohammed Dughmosh, 29;
3- Ahmed Jameel Hamdan Dughmosh, 30;
4- Zaki Saeed Mohammed Qadada, 42; and
5- Mosab Mahmoud Rushdi Dughmosh, 25.
Hamas' obituary for Mosab Mahmoud Dughmosh says that he joined the al-Qassam Brigades terror group in early 2010. He participated in many "jihad missions" and that he participated in hostilities.

According to the Terrorism Info report from Israel, two of his brothers were members of the Army of Islam and two were in the PRC. Meaning that every single person in both cars targeted by Israel was a terrorist, and not one was civilian.