Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Great Zionist Restroom Conspiracy

Arab media and social media are upset over what they call "demolitions" near the Kotel, what they like to call "Buraq Square" even though it was the Jews who made it into a square.

Fatah official Abbas Zaki warned of the "Judaization scheme implemented by the Israeli occupation authorities in Jerusalem including dredging operations in the Buraq Square through the demolition of arches and windows of the historic building on the north side of the plaza near the Al Aqsa Mosque."

Sheikh Azzam Al-Khatib also condemned the work being done saying it was endangering historic buildings and meant to implement a huge development plan.

Here are some photos:

However, as I was emailed by Johnny Bravo, this is meant to enlarge the entrance to the underground Kotel Tunnels - and to renovate the restrooms.

Indeed, a quick Google Streetview shot shows what the area looked like recently, and it is obvious that the buildings being demolished are modern, not historic.

Plus, note the restroom signs:

Those Jews, wantonly destroying ancient Islamic toilets!