Sunday, February 24, 2013

Salafi leader in Egypt accuses Jews of being a "fifth column"

The leader of Salafi Nour Party in Egypt, Yousri Hammad, claims that there is a 'fifth column' backed by the media to drive a wedge between the Egyptian army and the presidency, and between Muslims and Christians and the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hammad said through his Facebook account that he perceives "a clear methodology the Jews managed to improve over the course of history, and the sole beneficiaries are the Jews who are seeking to overthrow Egypt in the cycle of domestic violence like Syria and Iraq and the nations surrounding Israel."

He continued: "They are attempting to overthrow Egypt economically and forcing begging from abroad and the West...at worst it paid for the sale of their national institutions at the cheapest prices after the collapse of the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound."

Hammad said "What is required is detection of the fifth column which destroys and spreads hate between parts of Egyptian society... "