Thursday, February 07, 2013

Roundup of crazy Egyptian news

For the second day in a row, a new weapons stash was found in the Sinai.

Another person tried to assault Ahmadinejad in Egypt.

An Al Azhar scholar issued a fatwa to murder members of the political party national Salvation Front:
Lawyer Alaa Eddin Bazzaz filed a complaint accusing the scholar of inciting violence through statements he made during a program broadcast on the Al-Hafiz religious channel on 6 January.

According to Bazzaz, ONTV and Dream channel rebroadcast the statement, in which Shaaban ordered the murder of NSF leaders Mohamed ElBaradei and Hamdeen Sabbahi. Bazazz contends that Shaaban's fatwa misinterprets an Islamic Hadith.

On Thursday the Interior Ministry assigned security to ElBaradei's home as a precaution.The Council of Ministers is also considering legal action against anyone who seeks to incite violence.

The comments were widely condemned by liberal political factions. Al-Azhar's Islamic Research Academy also denounced the fatwa and warned that such statements drive sedition and bloodshed.

But not everyone agrees. Osama Qassem, a Jihadi leader, said he supports the fatwa issued by Shaaban.

Qassem said the NSF is behind weeks of unrest following the 25 January revolution's second anniversary, and should be subject to serious punishments under certain Sharia regulations called Had al-Haraba. The term refers to offenses punishable by death, crucifixion or severing of hands or feet.
A new protest:
Members of the April 6 Youth Movement blocked the road in front of the Giza municipality headquarters on Thursday, declaring Giza an autonomous governorate. They denounced police brutality and the beating of Hamada Saber outside the presidential palace last Friday.

The protests come just hours before Friday’s mass demonstration called for by the National Salvation Front and other revolutionary forces in Tahrir Square. The demonstrators demand the departure of President Mohamed Morsy, the formation of a national salvation government, the trial of the interior minister and the annulment of the Constitution.
Why are so many Egyptians acting so strangely?

Maybe because of this:
There are 22 psychiatric hospitals across the nation operating without a license, National Council for Mental Health (NCMH) Director Hesham Ramez announced on Monday.

The hospitals are illegally treating patients for conditions from addiction to other psychological illnesses, Ramez said. The council has notified the Health Ministry about the problem, as the NCMH itself does not have the power to shut them down.

Ramez said he saw a video clip of patients being stripped, beaten and tortured at one of the illegal hospitals in the Moqattam area.