Friday, February 08, 2013

Peaceful Abbas meets Islamic Jihad terror leader for "unity"

From Ma'an:
President Mahmoud Abbas met the leader of Islamic Jihad on Thursday evening, as part of talks on national reconciliation taking place this week in Cairo.

Abbas, the head of Fatah, sat down with general-secretary of Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Shalah and his deputy, Ziad al-Nkhaleh and discussed implementation of the stalled unity deals, official PA news agency Wafa said.

They also discussed Friday's PLO reform meeting, according to Wafa.

This week, a Jihad official said the group might run in elections for the PLO's parliament, the Palestinian National Council.

The PNC is the legislative body of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which represents Palestinians in exile as well as those in the West Bank and Gaza.

The parliament is presently mainly composed of appointees, and has so far excluded Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which were formed since the PLO's establishment in 1964.

The reconciliation deal between Hamas and Fatah included an agreement to reform the PLO, which has been criticized for failing to represent the whole Palestinian polity.
Remember that the PLO controls the PA (or, from the UN's perspective, the "State of Palestine." Yes, a "state" is controlled by an organization.) So this is a way for a terror group to join the leadership of "Palestine" without elections.

Both Islamic Jihad and Hamas have made it crystal clear that their intentions on joining the PLO are meant to make the organization go back to its original principles of utterly destroying Israel.

Time for a quiz. Will the mainstream media:

  • Ignore this proof that the "moderate" PLO is moving towards a more explicitly terrorist agenda,
  • Look at this as a sign that Islamic Jihad is now embracing peace with Israel, or
  • Tell the truth for once?

The odds are now 70:30:0. So far, the MSM has ignored this meeting.