Thursday, February 14, 2013

Islamic Jihad leader says they have no problems with Jews, but a third intifada is on the way

Sheikh Bassam Saadi, an Islamic Jihad leader recently released from prison, says that his movement has nothing against Jews.

Saadi said, "We do not hate Jews, and Jews were living among us for hundreds of years."

He goes on to say that there will be no solution except that Jews would accept to live in an Arab Palestinian state as second-class citizens "like any other sect."

As long as Jews are second-class citizens in a Muslim, happily paying their jizya and not talking about their right to national self-determination, then everything is hunky-dory!

Saadi also said that all indications point to a "third intifada on the way", and if the unity talks go nowhere, the people will take the initiative to fight against Israel.

I wonder if any of these Arabs might target those Jews that they love in this third intifada?