Sunday, February 24, 2013

Internet down/Shushan Purim/Jaradat open thread

My hotel lost its Internet feed last night and it hasn't yet returned.

Blogging on an iPhone is a bit too painful to contemplate now, not to mention that it will be a busy day today since it is when Purim is celebrated here.

Last night in the Old City virtually everyone was in costume, which was cool.

Taking a cab home, the Arab driver was listening to an Arabic station where I could hear the newscaster talking about Arafat Jaradat. I see now that Israel allowed a Palestinian Arab pathologist to view the autopsy and even so he lied about the results saying he died from torture, opposite the Israeli coroner's claims. (Marks on the body were from resuscitation attempts.) I am still amazed that Israeli authorities expected honesty from a Palestinian official.

It was not a pleasant ride.

So here is an open thread...