Monday, February 11, 2013

Eleven minutes of pure Pallywood

This video of "crying" children and angry adults, as their home is being demolished by Israel, is making the rounds:

Only one problem: There is not one tear being shed.

The video makes it blindingly obvious that all of the children's screaming is staged for the media.

The boy and two girls are clearly playing to the cameras, and turning on and off their wailing when the reporters shove their gear in their faces.

From the volume of the fake screams, one would think that the residents lived there for hundreds of years, or at least since Jordanian occupation. Actually, the house was newer than most houses.

Here is the Ma'an story about the demolition:

Israeli forces demolished a two-story Palestinian home in East Jerusalem on Tuesday, making 30 people homeless, official news agency Wafa reported.

Muhammad Castero, 52, a resident of the building, told Wafa that Israel issued a demolition order for the home 50 days ago on the pretext that it was built without a permit.

"We are refugees now, we don't have any shelter. Where should we, our children and elderly people go after our house was demolished?" he said.

Four families lived in the Beit Hanina home, which was constructed six years ago. The families had hired a lawyer to prevent the demolition.

"This is our land and we will not leave it despite the practices of the occupation," Castero added.
UPDATE: Those visiting from HuffPo should also check out this video of the girl in Picture #11, known as "Shirley Temper."

Isn't "spontaneous" anger photogenic?