Thursday, February 07, 2013

Egyptian op-ed: "No difference between Zionists and Jews, they all hate Islam"

From an op-ed in Egypt's Dostor Daily by female columnist Majed al-Khelfo:

Koran 5:82: Thou wilt surely find the most hostile of men to the believers are the Jews and the idolaters

The Quran in this verse describes feelings of hatred and animosity of two sets of people toward believers in Muhammad peace be upon him. These two communities are the Jews and the idolaters...You cannot decide the truth concerning the relationship of hostility to the believers [is limited to] a given time, the Quran and His signs are all facts revealed for every time and place; the text of the Koran is eternal and their enmity cannot be changed or altered, and can not be transformed into affection.

Just like you cannot turn fire into water or water into fire, this [Koranic] text recognizes for every Muslim the eternal facts about Jews: the Jews of the time of Moses are the same as the Jews in the time of Jesus, the same as the Jews at the time of Muhammad peace be upon him, and the same as the Jews in our time. The Jews hate of Muslims, they have vindictive feelings against Islam and the Prophet of Islam, and they are ungrateful for God's blessings on them throughout time....

It is odd nowadays to find intellectuals, journalists and pundits who try to to find a basis for the separation of Jews and Israelis, to differentiate people between those who belong to the Hebrew entity perched on our chests in Palestine, who came into the world and found himself a Jew.... there is no difference between the Jew and the Israeli, as both have gleaned a culture of hatred of Islam and Muslims since birth, and drank it with his mother's milk, and Jewish children learn this in school at a very early age.

...[They teach] their children that the Quran is not sacred, to that extent they claim Muhammad peace be upon him is a figment of imagination and the Koran depends in large part on what was in the Jewish religious books, and they teach their children that the Koran is inspired by the Bible, the Quran is like Mohammed's Torah, and the Hadith and the Sunnah are like the oral Torah complement the Quran.

Their children's books as well as in books for adults even more exude all hatred against Islam and Prophet of Islam. One is not surprised that this is their attitude, as the Quran says about them: "Although those who were given the book to know that truth from their Lord..." - (Cow 144) they know that Islam is right, and they know that Muhammad, peace be upon him was the greatest of the prophets and messengers, and they know that the Quran is right; much as they are sure that their own books had been affected by tampering and forgery.
Notice that Jews must not only be hated because they criticize the Quran - they must be hated because they don't accept the truth of the Quran!