Monday, February 25, 2013

Al Qaeda calls to expel all Jews from "Palestine"

Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula came out with a video statement saying that the expulsion of all Jews from Palestine should be considered "sharia law" - meaning it is compulsory under Islamic law.

There is really no difference between Al Qaeda and the other Muslim Brotherhood offshoots like Hamas, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad. However, some of the MB descendants that gained some level of political power are a little more reluctant to make such bigoted statements out loud, since they want to make it appear that they only have a problem with "Zionists," not Jews. However, before the networked world we now live in, Muslims did not have any compunction about broadcasting their anti-semitism when they were certain that their words would not be reported worldwide.

Al Qaeda is not representing a fringe movement. In this case, they are representing what hundreds of millions of Muslims truly believe.