Wednesday, February 20, 2013

90 days since the last rocket from Gaza to Israel

It has now been 90 days since any rocket has been shot from Gaza into Israel,which is unprecedented.

Guess what happens to the lives of Gazans when Hamas prevents rocket fire?

From Ma'an:
Israel has informed the Palestinian borders and crossings department in Ramallah that more improvements will be introduced on Gaza borders, says official.

Nathmi Muhanna, chief of the borders and crossings department told Ma’an Tuesday that Israel decided to allow entry of new empty domestic gas cylinders into the Gaza Strip. He highlighted that since several years shipping new gas cylinders to Gaza was banned. He also mentioned that 125 new cars would be allowed every week instead of 100.

The Israeli authorities agreed as well to install a new phone and internet line from Israel to the Gaza Strip.

According to Muhanna, four new fuel trucks and two new gas trucks will be shipped to Gaza.

The European Union will fund expansion of Gaza’s Kerem Shalom crossing increasing its capacity to 500 truckloads per day, chief of the Palestinian borders and crossings department Nathmi Muhanna said Tuesday.

Speaking to a Ma’an, Muhanna explained that new gates, new roads would be built as well as a waiting parking near the crossing.
I'm sure that the two stories are completely unrelated. After all, we know from the media and NGOs that Israel is only interested in collective punishment against poor starving Gazans, and the Palestinian Arab media has told us for years that "resistance" is the only way for anything to be accomplished.

It must be one of those evil Zionist plots.

By the way, Egypt had announced it would be expanding the Rafah crossing to permanently allow imports and exports to Gaza a while back. I haven't heard anything about that lately. Weird how the Islamist allies of Hamas have been so reluctant to help out their fellow Islamists.