Tuesday, February 05, 2013

4 more Pals killed in Syria - but by mentioning it I'm engaging in "Assad-washing"

Palestine Today reports four more Palestinian Arabs killed in Syria in the past couple of days.

But don't expect to find anything about this in the "pro-Palestinian" Electronic Intifada site.

In fact, if I dare to mention Palestinian Arabs being killed in Syria, I'm engaging in a horrible crime myself. One that the human rights defenders in EI call "Assad-washing."


Already last April, they were getting nervous that the tens of thousands being killed in Syria were taking world attention away from the Palestinian Arabs who are living in comparative safety. So Electronic Intifada wrote an op-ed saying that evil Zionists are using massacres in Syria to divert the world's attention from Palestinian Arabs in the territories getting what are, in comparison, papercuts.

The Israeli government and its supporters have long utilized a wide range of propaganda tools to sugarcoat Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians. In addition to pinkwashing (using Israel’s relative support of gay rights to sugarcoat the country’s apartheid nature) and greenwashing (perpetuating the perception that Israel has environmentally-friendly policies to do the same), Zionist advocates are now using a different method: Assadwashing.
So this is how the liberals at EI justify their relative silence when Palestinian Arabs - whom they pretend to love so much - are being slaughtered.

They don't want to be Assadwashers!

Keep in mind that since the Syrian revolution began, far more Palestinian Arabs have been killed in Syria than in Gaza and the West Bank combined. But keep that under your hat, because even mentioning Palestinian Arabs being killed by Syria is evidently a strict taboo among the "pro-Palestinian" crowd.