Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday linkdump

From Ian:

UN Watch: Hypocrisy: UN adopts 9 resolutions on Palestinians & Golan, yet silent on Syrian massacre of Palestinians
GENEVA, December 18 – The U.N. General Assembly today adopted nine resolutions on Palestinian rights and the Golan, sharply criticizing Israel yet making no mention of Sunday’s massacre of Palestinians by Syrian warplanes firing missiles into a mosque in a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus. Nor did the texts mention the tens of thousands of Palestinians who continue to flee the camp.

CIA game changer
Now is the time for President Obama, finally, to respond to all the official requests for Pollard’s release by commuting his sentence to time served.
Moreover, the document puts the lie to American allegations that have been used for over a quarter of a century to justify Pollard’s continued incarceration. For example, Pollard’s full cooperation with the prosecution was one of the welcome admissions in this document, as was the confirmation that the volume of information Pollard transferred to Israel was far less than claimed.
The CIA document also reveals the subterfuge used by the US government to breach its plea agreement with Pollard.

Abbas Asks UN for First Step to Flood Israel with Foreign Arabs
Abbas asks UN to take first step to flood Israel with foreign Arabs by suggesting Syrian “refugees” move to the PA.
His latest diplomatic ploy could place Israel again in the role of “bad man.” Abbas asked Ban “to help the Palestinian refugees in Syria, who are suffering from the bloody conflict there, to return to live in the Palestinian Territory.

Israeli Druze Envoy: Abbas Does Not Even Represent His Wife
The so-called problem of the Palestinian Authority-Israel struggle actually disguises the real problem of Islamic fundamentalism, Israeli Ambassador to Norway Naim Araidi told the local ABC news outlet. He said that Muslim extremists want to replace modern life in Europe with Islamic Shari'a law.
As for PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, “He does not even represent his wife," according to the ambassador.

As Terror Attacks Increase, Samaria Residents Protest Security Deterioration
During November, the GSS reports that there were 122 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria, with 98 of those attacks occurring during Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense aimed at halting rocket fire emanating from Gaza. In Jerusalem, 44 attacks were recorded, with 27 occurring during Operation Pillar of Defense. A majority of the attacks, 156 of the 166, involved Palestinians throwing Molotov cocktails."

Iranian news site pins Newtown shooting on ‘Israeli death squad’
American Press TV panelist charges that ‘Zionist-controlled Hollywood, news media’ cultivate American culture of violence
Michael Harris, the financial editor at Veterans Today, a website littered with anti-Semitic and anti-Israel conspiracy theories, charged in an internationally broadcast interview on the Iranian station that “Israel has been operating death squads.” Harris, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, used the interview as a soapbox for an anti-Semitic rant against Israel and American Jews.
[Veterans Today/PressTV reacted to the articles about their nuttiness, saying that they are  effectively an admission of guilt by Israel. Possibly crazier than this article was. - EoZ]

Defiant Iran vows to continue enrichment, dismisses sanctions as insignificant
Ahmadinejad says international pressure will not slow down Tehran’s nuclear program

Syrian jets again bomb Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus
Government claims Yarmouk camp houses PFLP-GC fighters

Iran keeps silent on the killing of Palestinians in Syria
Based on the Iranian government’s claims that it wants to help Palestinians defend themselves, will the Iranian regime provide weapons to Palestinians in Syria who are under attack from Assad’s forces?
Or are Palestinians victims only when Iran’s adversaries attack them, and not when Iran’s allies do the same?

Israeli Attorney Wins $338 Million Case Against Syria
Syria was ordered to pay $338 million to two American families for its funding of a 1991 kidnapping of American biblical archaeologists during an excavation in Turkey for the remains of Noah’s Ark, the Israeli law center that helped win the judgment announced in a press release.
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of Tel Aviv-based Shurat HaDin Law Center, represented the families along with New York attorney Robert Tolchin. Syria was found vicariously liable for the kidnapping, which was perpetrated by the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) terrorist organization.

Review of deadly Benghazi attack finds systematic security faults
Panel cites State Department failures, says there was no protest outside US Consulate before terrorist ambush
Systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department resulted in a Special Mission security posture that was inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place,” the panel said.

Egypt orders probe into alleged vote violations
Low turnout, irregularities have opposition crying foul in referendum on Islamist constitution

Hungarian Minister reveals he’s Jewish ‘whether you like it or not’ following Jewish list controversy
BUDAPEST (EJP) --- A Hungarian Minister confronted the country’s recent anti-Semitism row head on when he told parliament he was Jewish. After the far-right Jobbik party was roundly criticised by both the government and Jewish community alike for calling for a registry of Hungary’s prominent Jews to be drawn up in the interests of “national security”, the State Secretary of the Development Ministry Janos Fonagy revealed to cross-party politicians: “My mother and father were Jewish, and so am I, whether you like it or not.

ISRAEL21c’s year in videos
From hummus ice cream to cardboard bikes and Olympians, we bring you the 10 most-watched 2012 videos we’ve produced showing the ‘real’ Israel.

U.S. "Cautiously Optimistic" On European Hezbollah Designation: State Department

Netanyahu: "We will continue to build in Jerusalem for eternity"

Jews unsure why everyone else still looking forward to "holidays" (h/t Yerushalimey)