Saturday, December 01, 2012

Today's fake PCHR "civilians"

From PCHR:
At approximately 08:00 (November 17th) , Israeli warplanes attacked a number of 3 young men in al-Maghazi refugee camp, killing them: Ali Abdul Halim al-Manaama, 24; Ussama Mousa Abdul Jawad, 27; and Ashraf Hassan Darwish, 22.

PCHR does not identify them as "militants," but all three were terrorists.

The obituary for Darwish explains that he joined the Qassam Brigades in 2007, after attending UNRWA schools. Here he is:

The other two have not yet been memorialized at the Qassam site, but Qassam Brigades memorial posters for them have already been published:


And another:
At approximately 19:50, Israeli warplanes attacked a number of young men who were sitting near a house belonging to Ahmed Mohammed Jaddou Abu Jalal, 43, a member of an armed group, in al-Maghazi refugee camp. He was killed together with 3 civilians, including his brother: Amjad Mohammed Jaddou Abu Jalal, 33 .
Amjad was no civilian. His obituary at the Al Qassam site notes he joined the terror group in 2005, where is is praised for firing Qassam rockets and mortars at "settlements," as well as for working on weapons tunnels and for fighting during Cast Lead.