Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday night links

From Ian:

Protesting E1 is not grounded in Judaism
"These rabbis are transposing western liberal political philosophy onto Judaism. Their ideas are not rooted in Torah, but in modern political thinking. Another Palestinian state in the West Bank could pose a mortal danger to Israel. The removal of Israeli forces from Southern Lebanon and Gaza has created two terrorist regimes. Israeli citizens have suffered three short wars due to these concessions. Unless there is a total change in the culture and aspirations of the Palestinians there is a grave risk that a state in the West Bank could be a staging area for attacks into Israel’s heartland. Instead of missiles in Ashkelon, they will fall on Tel Aviv. Jewish Law is clear, when it comes to pikuach nefesh – endangering life – we cannot take chances.”

CAMERA: CAMERA Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles of 2012
"Every day, Israel is assailed with false accusations from the media. And every day, CAMERA is on the front lines in the battle for accuracy and fairness.This year, our researchers and analysts tackled many of the worst offenders. Among them, our…"

BBC Watch: BBC fails to report on UN resolution to subject more minorities to violence in Syria
“Notably ignored by the BBC is the fact that on December 18th – when no fewer than nine anti-Israel resolutions were passed in one day – one of those resolutions called for the Golan
Heights to be returned “forthwith” to Syrian control.
As the Executive Director of UN Watch, Hillel Neuer, noted:
At a time when the Syrian regime is massacring its own people, how can the U.N. call for more people to be subject to Assad’s rule? The timing of today’s text is morally galling and logically absurd.

Abbas Makes It Official: All of Israel is Palestine
The Fatah party, headed by Abbas, has made official what it has been saying more quietly and adopts a new logo: All of Israel as Palestine.
"The logo marks the 48th anniversary of the founding of Fatah by Yasser Arafat and includes a map with the PA flag and a map of Israel that appears to be a depiction of the black and white checkered kefiyah, a symbol of the violent intifada, and the slogan “the state and victory."

UK-based Arab HR group accuses PA of abuse
From 2007-2011, the PA detained 13,271 Palestinians, and tortured 96% of them resulting in six deaths, report says.
"An Arab human rights group based in London accused the Palestinian Authority of inhumane practices and human rights violations against Palestinian civilians in a scathing report published on Friday.
The Arab Organization for Human Rights has put the primary blame for the human rights abuses on PA President Mahmoud Abbas and called on the UN, Arab League and Organization of Islamic Cooperation to take urgent action."

IDF nabs Palestinian policeman in Hebron, after twice failing to arrest him
"The IDF arrested a Palestinian policeman outside Hebron on Friday — finally catching a wanted man it had failed twice previously to arrest.
Firas Abu Aziza, 27, was detained at a checkpoint near Yatta, a village outside Hebron. It was not immediately clear why he had been sought.
Aziza had escaped the army’s first attempt to catch him. A second effort, in Hebron on December 6, ended in clashes with some 250 Palestinians during which an IDF soldier was punched in the face. "
Nine succumb to swine flu in the West Bank
PA Health Ministry says 187 people have contracted the disease in recent weeks; Israel monitoring situation

Hezbollah's cocaine Jihad
Faced with dwindling Iranian funding, Shiite terror group partners with Mexican drug cartels; uses millions of dollars in drug money to support weapon acquisition habit
"The US' concern about the smuggling tunnels increased exponentially in 2009, when a Department of Homeland Security wiretap derived a recording of Professor Abdallah Nafisi, a Kuwaiti clergyman and a known al-Qaeda recruiter, boasting about the ease by which nonconventional warfare and weapons of mass destruction can be smuggled into the US, through the Mexican drug tunnels.
"Ten pounds of anthrax in a medium-size suitcase, carried by a Jihad warrior through the tunnels can kill 300,000 Americans in one hour," he said. "It will make 9/11 look like peanuts. There's no need for plans… Just one courageous man, to spread this confetti on the White House lawn. Then we will really be able to celebrate."

Report: 150 Corpses Found in Syrian School Alleged massacre took place in Deir Baalba. Twenty said dead in Aleppo.
At least 150 charred corpses were found Saturday in Deir Baalba in Homs, Syria, according to a report by the Shaam Network that was quoted in Al Arabiya.

Athens put Israel 1st in line to buy up Greece’s infrastructure
The further Erdoğan pushes Israel away, the closer Athens is to Jerusalem.
"In recent months, top Greek officials visited Israel to find investors. They met with a number of top Israeli business leaders and presented the various opportunities to invest in and own Greek infrastructure.
These meetings have already led to a number of signed deals. Israeli mega-corp Elbit won a tender to buy the old Athens airport, and a number of hotels were purchased by Israelis in hopes of boosting Israeli tourism to Greece. An Israeli company is also in talks to buy Greece’s national oil company."

Spain eyes Israeli port security technology
Madrid, Jerusalem sign deal meant to promote maritime port projects
"A collaboration with the ports of Spain will promote the development of strategic projects, which will help cement Ashdod Port's leading status among the maritime ports of the Middle East," Gideon Siterman, chairman of the Ashdod Port's board of directors, said in a statemen."

Parkinson’s treatment may boost creativity
An Israeli neurologist compiled studies on patients who suddenly started drawing, sculpting or writing while on dopamine-stimulating drugs.
"Israeli neurologist Dr. Rivka Inzelberg noticed for years that patients taking dopamine-stimulating medication to control symptoms of Parkinson’s disease didn’t bring her the customary box of chocolates at holiday time. Instead they brought drawings, sculptures or poems they’d created despite never having been artistically inclined before."