Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday linkdump

From Ian:

Alan Dershowitz: Legal Implication of the United Nations Resolution on Palestine
"Nor was this Resolution a recognition of the two-state solution, since a considerable number of states who voted for it have refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist. What they were looking for was a one state resolution—that one state being yet another Islamic country that voted for Hamas in the last election and that is likely to be governed by Sharia Law that will not allow Jews or Christians equal rights."

Expert: Israel Should Let the PA Collapse
Prof.Efraim Inbar says Israel should not be responsible for PA, particularly after their UN move. And perhaps it should leave that body.
"If I understand what you’re saying, you are supporting the remarks of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, that the Israeli response to the Palestinian move at the UN should be the collapse of Abbas’s rule.
"We do not need to help him. That's all. He will fall apart on his own. We should not help our enemies."Meanwhile, we do exactly the opposite.
"Yes. We give him money, safeguard him from Hamas, and what does he give in return? We need to change our mindset. And if the world wants to send them money for them to waste on Abbas’s sons, in order to make them wealthier, let it go ahead…”

Analysis: Merkel’s flip-flop on Israel
Despite her government’s vote against an PLO upgrade at the UNESCO in Paris last year, she chose to abstain at the UN.
"From Israel’s perspective, Merkel’s stances on PLO statehood measures, which seek to bypass direct negotiations with Israel, along with her wobbly positions in UN international forums and when handling party deputies in the Bundestag that bash Israel, have represented a marked lack of consistency."

Wall Street Journal News Page Pushes Pro-Palestinian Narrative
"And here’s the subtle way the Journal backs the Palestinian narrative. The Palestinians have convinced the world that Hamas and the PA are mortal enemies. Thus, the Journal reports breathlessly that there was “a groundswell of support for the Palestinian Authority and its U.N. upgrade gained ground because the recent eight-day war in Gaza politically strengthened Hamas at the expense of the more pro-Western Palestinian Authority.”
This, of course, is ridiculous. Hamas and the PA have the same agenda: destroying Israel. Hamas plays bad cop while the PA plays good cop. But lest anyone forget, the terrorists who were suicide bombers for years came from the PA, not Hamas."

Western Media Ignore Terrorists Using Journalists as Human Shields
"These questions are important, and every western news outlet should be forced to answer to them. Why do western journalists feel it's perfectly OK for terrorists to pretend they are journalists and endanger them all by hiding amongst them?"
"But, I guess when the western media sees nothing wrong with using propaganda videos, presenting them as real news, perhaps that answers our question. Western journalists apparently care less about their craft than they do about choosing sides and throwing in with terrorists."

Christiane Amanpour to Host Series on History of Israel
"In an affront to religious Jews and religious Christians everywhere, ABC News has chosen vehemently anti-Israel and anti-Christian journalist Christiane Amanpour to host a two-part primetime special about the history of the land of Israel that will air December 21 and 28. According to ABC, “Back to the Beginning” will feature Amanpour, who will “explore the powerful stories from Genesis to the Birth of Jesus.”

CIF Watch: An update on Chris McGreal and that Gaza “sports stadium”
"Evidently, McGreal’s ‘Just War Theory’ would require that the IDF avoid targeting an enemy rocket launching site which has been used to attack Israeli civilians until the exact moment when another rocket is being fired from the location – not a second before and not a second after.
Chris McGreal’s rhetorical obfuscations in service of a desired narrative are truly works of beauty."

Muslim Brotherhood 'paying gangs to go out and rape women and beat men protesting in Egypt'

If Iran tries to attack, Israel will reportedly target its missiles before they get off the ground
With the help of the US-made X-band radar, Eitan drones stationed in Azerbaijan will attempt to hit the missiles ‘the moment their engines are ignited,’ Sunday Times reports
[That Sunday Times reporter has a less than stellar record on accuracy - EoZ]

Iran stations defense staff at N. Korea site
Japanese news agency: Iran stationed staff in N. Korea in an effort to strengthen cooperation in missile, nuclear development.

Turkey Importing Oil from Iran
The latest trade data quoted by Iranian news media indicates Turkey imported more than 75,000 barrels of oil daily in October from Iran.

Senate votes to tighten sanctions on Iran
Ignoring White House opposition spelled out just hours earlier, US Senate votes 94-0 for package of punitive measures that will end sales, transactions with various Iranian domestic industries

Thousands of miles from Iran, and still in danger
Since fleeing for Europe, poet and professor Afshin Ellian has become a staunch critic of the Muslim world — which he says should emulate Israel
"Among his many talents, Afshin Ellian has a knack for making people want to kill him.
It’s a trait he demonstrated as a fugitive in his native Iran after the Islamic Revolution; then as a refugee in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he angered secular Stalinists; and finally in Holland, where he lives under 24-hour police protection because of his criticisms of Islam."

The Argentinian and Iranian tango
One can’t help but ask why, after 18 years of mishandled investigations, corruption charges and coverups, talks on the 1994 Buenos Aires terror attack are taking place now.

Bahrain: MP torches Israeli flag in parliament
"... even though he could have burned the place down, not enough lawmakers could be persuaded to vote for punitive action against him -- apparently their Islamic Jew-hatred outweighed their concern for safety."

At Harvard, ‘Jews need not apply’
Students receive offensive invitation to join ‘The Pigeon, Harvard’s Newest Finals Club’
“Even if intended as satirical in nature, they are hurtful and offensive to many students, faculty and staff, and do not demonstrate the level of thoughtfulness and respect we expect at Harvard when engaging difficult issues within our community.”

‘My name is Jihad and I am a bomb’
"A French woman is slated to face charges of “apologie de crime,” which can be translated as advocating violence, after sending her 3-year-old son, Jihad, to kindergarten dressed in a T-shirt bearing the inscriptions “I am a bomb” on the front and “Jihad. Born September 11″ on the back."

Not the Typical IDF Soldier’s Mom: Muslim Arab Mother Whose Son Serves in the IDF Speaks Out
During Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense, Haskia did not just sit worrying over what may happen to her son—the proud mom did her share to help Israel as well. “Over 12 years, Hamas has been firing rockets at Israeli civilians and all you see are photos of Gaza in the media. Some of those photos are fakes,” Haskia pointed out.

Students help Jews who came from Arab countries document their stories
"High school students from northern Israel take part in the "Tell Your Children" project which records the stories of veteran olim in Israel who immigrated from Arab countries • Project to be displayed in special event in 2013, marking the 60th anniversary of Migdal Haemek."


The legal impossibility of limited Palestinian statehood at the U.N. (WaPo)

CAMERA: E-1 Contiguity Fallacy Returns

Also CAMERA: West Bank and Gaza Residents Experience Among the Longest Life Spans in the Middle East