Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pro-Israel rally in Sweden last Sunday

From Ilya Meyer's blog:
On Sunday 9th December this year a rally was held outside the offices of Aftonbladet, a Swedish tabloid equally well known for its vicious anti-Israel stance as for its peddling of raw anti-Semitic vitriol.

The theme of the rally was “Enough is Enough!” – no more media prejudice against the Jewish state, no more anti-Israel lies in the media, no more withholding of news that may explain Israel’s position in a neutral or objective light.

In a biting minus 15 degrees, supporters of democracy, ethics and principle gathered together outside the front door of Aftonbladet to express their disapproval of the Swedish media’s blatant prejudice against the Jewish state. True to form, Aftonbladet totally ignored the event taking place on its doorstep – it never figured in their reporting. If it doesn’t suit the paper’s political agenda, it simply didn’t happen. Such is the Pravda-esque state of what passes for journalism in Sweden.

(h/t O)