Monday, December 03, 2012

PalArab music video says it all

Seen on Palestine Today:

The translation - which, I understand, is very heavy on "Oh our Gaza, oh our (West) Bank, oh fire, oh volcano... Tel-Aviv is a token... We won, we won, we won" is not very important.

The part that is interesting to me is that the video - already with thousands of views in two days - does not distinguish between rockets towards Israeli civilians, Israeli women running to shelters, the bus bombing in Tel Aviv, dead Gaza babies - and Abbas' UN stunt.

All of those represent "victory."

Think about it. While the West tries mightily to distinguish between the "moderate" Palestinian Arabs who are supposedly aghast at terror and who really want peace, and the "tiny minority of extremists" who love violence, videos like this - which are a dime a dozen - show that there is really no distinction at all.

The goal is the same: the destruction of Israel. Rockets, they believe, further that goal, as do bus bombings.

But so do dead Gaza kids - because they help demonize Israel in the media.

And so does Abbas' UN stunt - because it pressures Israel to give up land.

Those are all tactics. But the goal is the same, whether in ten years or a hundred.

The people who made this video, and those who watch it, don't see any distinction between "moderate" and "extremist." The "moderates" in Ramallah cheered random rocket fire towards Israeli cities no less than the "extremists" in Hamas. The distinction is an artificial construct created by Westerners to justify pressuring Israel to give up more and more in the name of "peace."

The reality, however, is reflected in this video.

(h/t Al Gharqad)