Monday, December 03, 2012

Hamas, Fatah and Israeli priorities (Zvi)

From Zvi:

The following juxtaposition says pretty much everything.
He also reiterated Hamas’s commitment to the armed struggle against Israel. He said that his movement would continue to seek the “liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.”
This section also included a Facebook page of an elementary school in Kalkilya where the sentence “I hate Israel” was written in 16 different languages, and another Facebook page from a high school in Tulkarm that included a picture of Adolf Hitler over the words, “I could have killed all the Jews in the world, but I left some of them so you will know why I killed them.”
What's important to Israel
More than a million people – especially pregnant women and children up to the age of five – die each year of malaria... .
Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers have figured out how the most dangerous strain “tricks” the immune system, paving the way for the development of new approaches to cure this acute infection.
Dr. Ron Dzikowski and research student Inbar Avraham revealed for the first time the genetic mechanism that enables a parasite to selectively express one protein while hiding other proteins from the immune system.
By combining bioinformation and genetic methods, the researchers identified a unique DNA sequence found in the regulatory regions of the gene family that encode for these surface proteins."
This is a huge breakthrough in the global war against malaria - brought to you by Israeli researchers.
Any questions?