Monday, December 24, 2012

Gaza: 101 terrorists, 68 civilians killed

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center has released their findings of people killed in Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza (Hebrew only). They found that, as usual, far more terrorists were killed than had been reported via the Gaza Health Ministry and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

Among their findings:

The best estimate they can make is that 178 people were killed during the fighting and afterwards from injuries. They identified 169 of them.

Of the 169, 101 of them were known "activists" and 68 were civilians.

They list every terrorist and their affiliation.

They also find that that the Gaza Health Ministry inflated the numbers of those killed, including some who died a natural death in Gaza at the time.

Of the 101 identified terrorists, 71 were Hamas, 17 Islamic Jihad, 6 from the PRC, 3 from Fatah, 2 from the Army of Islam, one from the PFLP, and one from a Salafi group.

25 of the terrorists killed moonlighted at other jobs. Five were journalists, two were clerics.

The ITIC charges that Hamas and Islamic Jihad deliberately do not release the names of all of their members killed, in order to improve morale and to make it appear that more civilians were killed.

The report includes photos of 73 of the terrorists killed.

The report concludes that it is clear that Israel did not target civilians. Indeed, the ratio of terrorists to civilians killed is unprecedented in military operations in an urban environment.

By the way, Hamas is still slowly releasing the obituaries of those killed; here's one from today. Remember, HRW used the absence of names being listed on the official Hamas site as evidence that they were not members of Hamas, not realizing that Hamas leaks out the information over months.