Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Donate to EoZ!

It is that time of year when everyone, it seems, is asking for your money.

Elder of Ziyon is not nearly as large as the mythical organization I named myself after. It's pretty much just me. Even so, this blog has made an outsized impact in the pro-Israel world.

This quarter alone the blog has been seen on CNN, quoted in The New York Times Lede column, as well as the Jewish Press (more than once), Israel National News, FrontPage, BreitbartAlgemeiner (multiple times,) the Jerusalem Post, Commentary, BuzzFeed, PJMediaJewish Telegraphic Agency and The Blaze, plus many other blogs and websites.

And it has made a difference. We helped get mainstream media to issue corrections and change the tone of their reporting during the latest Gaza conflict.

During this quarter, my Twitter feed has exploded from about 2700 followers to over 3500. The blog itself had over 215,000 pageviews in November, shattering my previous record.

I have continued to scoop every major English-language media outlet dozens of times with stories big and small. I have given you original research and fascinating historical information. Hopefully, I have also entertained you.

Meanwhile, the anti-Israel sites are raising tens of thousands of dollars to publicize their hate, managing to put together professional operations with paid staff and slick layouts. The Electronic Intifada hate site claims to have already raised some $90,000 while the virulent Mondoweiss claims $17,000.

Unlike most other sites that have similar influence, I do most of the work myself - writing, graphics, comics, posters, infographics, videos, not to mention blog maintenance. But it takes a lot of time - and a little money  - to consistently research and publish the number of posts a day I do. (And thanks again to Ian for his stellar work in the daily linkdumps.)

If you find this site valuable, and many of you have told me you do, please consider making a donation.

The New York Times charges $180 a year for digital only subscriptions. Ha'aretz charges abut $100 annually to access their content online. My content - all 15,645 posts - is all free. If you spend more time here than you do at the commercial news sites, please consider paying what you would to subscribe to a newspaper or news-magazine.

Use the PayPal buttons on the upper right side of the blog, for either a one-time donation or a monthly subscription. (If you dislike PayPal you can send an Amazon gift card.)

As always, thanks to all of you who have donated, or helped out by giving me news tips. Thanks also to those who have complimented me and who have used my posts to do direct actions that help Israel and fight the haters.