Friday, December 28, 2012

A "Saddam Hussein" party wants to run in Jordanian elections

From Ammon News:
The Board of Commissioners in the The Independent Elections Commission (IEC) rejected the name of a national list which chose former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's name, although it accepted the applications of the candidates provided that they change the name of the list.

The IEC in its meeting Wednesday decided not to accept the naming of the lists that contain personal names, or any name could spark sectarian, racial or political strife or contrary to public order or that could affect national unity and security of the nation.

The surprise did not stop at the name of the list, but the second surprise was that one of the candidates at the head of the list was named Saddam Hamdan Hussein.

He added that he will fight in the upcoming parliamentary elections, saying that "Saddam Hussein's name was chosen because people in Jordan loved him."