Thursday, December 06, 2012

A proud mother of a terrorist

The Islamic Jihad Saraya website has a lengthy tribute to one of the terrorists the IDF recently killed, Ayman Rafiq Hassan Eslim.

The article says that the Zionist enemy deprived his children of having a father, even as it notes that he shot rockets towards Israel immediately before he was killed by a missile.

His family poses in front of his "martyr" poster:

But his mother, in the center, is the most interesting member of his family.

[Eslim's mother]said, "Ayman was an tireless ascetic worshiper, reading the Koran at night and crying, and although his work was difficult he was doing his jihadist duty wholeheartedly and consistently. Since his childhood Ayman talked of Jihad and resistance and he was influenced by the thinking and approach of [Islamic Jihad founder] Martyr Fathi Shikaki... "

The mother said that she was expecting his death every moment, although she constantly encouraged him to continue jihad and to perform his sacred duty, saying: "I knew very well that the road pursued Ayman through difficult and end either victory or martyrdom and despite the bitterness of parting, but I encourage him and Ahvzh to uphold this approach inherent. "

She "knew he was lonely while firing rockets" and would iron his shirts, and sometimes prepare food for his fellow terrorists.

The loving mother also proudly recalled how Ayman would pray to be killed in battle.

For all other Gaza mothers out there with the same wish, any nearby collaborator can ensure that their perverted dreams come true.