Saturday, December 29, 2012

400 killed in Syria on Saturday. Oh well.

From Al Arabiya:
Nearly 400 people were reported dead in Syria Saturday, including some 150 charred corpses that were found in Deir Baalba in Homs, according to activist media.

In Aleppo at least 20 people were killed amid flaring clashes between the regime's forces and members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The Syrian Media Center reported that surface-to-surface missiles were launched on Mar'ea in the suburb of Aleppo.

Sana Revolution reported that a “massacre” took place in Khamsya town near Aleppo. The fighting in Aleppo forced Syria’s national airline to cancel a flight into the city.
3 or 4 Palestinian Arabs were among those killed.

The number of people killed in Syria over the past 18 months is now over 45,000.