Wednesday, September 19, 2012

While bombing hospitals, Syria says Mohammed film violates "humanitarian and moral values"

From DP-News/Sana:
The Syrian government condemned on Tuesday what it said the US-Zionist "Innocence of Muslims" film which offends Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The Government considered, in a statement issued on Tuesday, that the producing, funding and directing of this film is a denounced and shocking act as it provokes the moral and human logic.

"The Syrian government condemns this disgusting film and calls upon all countries of the world not to show it in full or partially including on the internet as this constitutes an encroachment on religious, humanitarian and moral values and a flagrant assault against all symbols of humanity," the statement said.

The government called upon the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation to be cautious and stand together in the face of the Zionist conspiracy against the position of Prophet Mohammad and the holy religions.

The government held those who are responsible for and involved in this "immoral offensive act" regardless of their nationalities and motives legally accountable for the film, adding that no one in the whole world has a moral, religious, cultural or humanitarian justification to do such "a hateful act".
Wow, Syria really seems outraged at such depths of immorality.

Civilians, including many children, are the main victims of indiscriminate Syrian army bombing and shelling of areas abandoned to opposition forces, Amnesty International said in a report on Wednesday.

The London-based international human rights group said its first-hand field investigations had revealed a pattern of relentless attacks by President Bashar al-Assad’s military on territory lost to rebels in the north of the country, according to Reuters.

Syrian government forces are stepping up attacks on markets, hospitals and bread queues, increasing civilian deaths in the country’s worsening conflict, Amnesty said.

On Tuesday, Syrian forces killed as many as 148 people across the country, activists told al Arabiya.

The rights group said its investigators had found hundreds of civilians have been killed or injured in recent weeks “in the street, while running for cover or trying to shelter from the bombings,” according to AFP.
When was the last time angry Muslims had spontaneous deadly riots over events in Syria?