Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend links

From Ian:

LATMA: The media's math and Egypt's honor

Hamas announces boycott of Barcelona FC following Shalit invite
Despite mounting pressure, soccer team invites one-time prisoner to October match against Real Madrid
“Hamas on Thursday announced a media boycott of Barcelona after the leader of the Spanish soccer league gave a complimentary ticket for an upcoming match to Gilad Shalit, the former Israeli soldier who was held captive by militants in the Gaza Strip.”

The Palestinian Authority's Policy of Duplicity by Khaled Abu Toameh
“Abbas is trying to show the US and the EU that he is serious about fighting the Hamas in the West Bank, and that is why he deserves a state and more funding. What the Americans and Europeans do not know is that many of these detainees are released within hours or days.”

The U.S. Should Throw its Support Behind an Israeli Strike by John Bolton
The odds are long, time is short, and the choice is stark. But since a nuclear-armed Iran will change the world forever, America should support an Israeli attack as the least-worst option.

No Surprise: America Under Attack Again in the Mideast by John Bolton
“President Obama’s highest priority, namely his re-election, is obviously foremost in his calculations. His “success” in Libya, overthrowing Gadhafi without U.S. casualties, now lies in tragic ruins in Benghazi. His narrative that the global war on terror is essentially over is revealed as a sham. And his claim that he could reverse decades of anti-American feelings through “outreach,” concessions and apologies, is shattered irretrievably.”

The "Obama administration and the diplomatic tsunami By DANNY DANON

Canada PM Sees Iran as “Clear and Present Danger”
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, said the government of Iran constitutes, “unambiguously, a clear and present danger and thus demands a very sober assessment.”

Oh Canada!
Canada might very well be Israel’s best friend in the world. Many signs have been pointing in that direction for a while now.

Palestine: End the Jew Hatred – End the Conflict by David Singer

Netanyahu’s cartoon bomb wasn’t meant for world leaders, and not even for Obama
PM is hoping to convince American voters Iran is an immediate threat. Perhaps that way, the president will get the message.

AP, Reuters Reportedly Post Bibi “Heil” Photos
The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper flags two photos of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the UN, which were reportedly pushed out on the AP and Reuters wires.

ADL slams Ahmadinejad, Farrakhan for NYC meeting
"In a press release, the ADL said the meeting of “two leading purveyors of anti-Semitism” was “yet another example of the extreme views of the Iranian government toward Jews and Israel and their attempt to promote those hateful views before an American audience by consorting with like-minded bigots."

Tunisia rape victim accused of 'indecency'
Civil society groups express outrage after woman was accused of "immoral behaviour" by policemen jailed for raping her.

State Dept. commemorates refusal to shelter Jewish refugees
Pre-Yom Kippur program focused on the St. Louis, ship sent back to Germany in 1939

How UK Can Learn From Israel's Tech Success
While it may be desirable to try to replicate the success of Israel's tech firms, it may be better to learn through collaboration.
“Israel can boast more tech start-ups per capital than any other country in the world. So what can the UK learn from the country?
Israel has listed more companies on the Nasdaq than the UK and numerous tech firms are basing their research and development centres there.”

Mordechai Kedar: The End of Oslo - and a Glimmer of Hope (h/t Akusia)

Blast targets Jewish community in Sweden

Iran's FARS "news" agency falls for a satirical Onion article:

Challah Hu Akbar on the PA's attempts to cover up a sexual harassment scandal

Elliot Abrams: Riots, Rage, Videos, Politics, and Free Speech
Just today, to take another example, I came across the most recent Palestinian Media Watch report on the defamation of Judaism in official broadcasts of the Palestinian Authority. Every religion is defamed, yet apologies appear to be expected and to be offered only in one case: Islam. The explanation is clear: only in that case is there fear of violence.
And a reader sent this in: