Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday links

From Ian:

Israel used 17 tons of explosives to destroy Syrian reactor in 2007, magazine says
Mossad agents stole key information on Assad’s nuclear project from Vienna home of Syrian atomic agency head, New Yorker claims
"These details and the full story of the attack, dubbed Operation Orchard, against Syria’s nuclear reactor near al-Kibar in September 2007, were reported in the New Yorker magazine on Monday. Israel has never publicly claimed credit for the strike, and Syria has never acknowledged that its reactor was destroyed."
AP Exclusive: Diplomats say UN agency has new intelligence Iran worked on nuclear arms

Imagining a Post-Israel Middle East
"Getting rid of the Jewish State will not make the region more stable, heal any wounds, deter terrorism or improve the life of even a single Muslim. The killings will go on and so will the tyrannies. All the old crimes and atrocities will continue without the illusion that they are being done for the greater purpose of destroying the collaborators of the Zionist Entity.
The Middle East will not change without Israel. It will be the exact same place that it always was. Unlike George Bailey, Israel did not make the Middle East better. Nor did it make it worse. Israel did nothing to the Middle East. It just tried to survive living in the middle of it and showed everyone else what was possible."

Gaza Prepares to Declare Independence (From Palestine)
"It’s no secret that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist faction that controls Gaza, has long considered exchanging its underground smuggling tunnels to Egypt for a policy of above-board trade. What has only recently begun to register is that Hamas may be contemplating a bolder political gambit still: Cutting its financial ties to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank, in preparations for declaring full independence on behalf of Gaza."

PMW demands retraction from Corrie family's lawyer
Abu Hussein recounted how he once addressed an Israeli judge in court during a case regarding land rights:
"We Palestinians have Canaanite and Phoenician roots which are an integral part of our history, and you [Israelis] are new, you are new occupiers. And there is no proof, in spite of all the digs you have done in Palestine by Zionist archeologists, who until today have not found one proof of their connection to this homeland." VIDEO

Brother of French al-Qaeda-inspired killer questioned
"French anti-terrorism judges interrogated for the first time on Monday the brother of an al-Qaeda-inspired gunman who killed seven people in March, including three Jewish children, to determine his involvement in the spate of bloody attacks."

Fake ad for 'Mengele' weight pills causes furor
Jewish groups upset over Estonian paper's use of photo showing emaciated Holocaust survivors; paper calls ad ironic.

Muslim Brotherhood official shuns Israelis at international conference

Terror gangs said to be planning to attack US and Israeli embassies in Cairo

Murdoch Endorses Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
News Corp CEO throws support behind King David
“My platform is pretty simple,” the News Corp CEO told the audience at the start of his opening address. “If it’s good enough for King David, it’s good enough for me.”

For the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Tel Aviv, a sort of homecoming
America’s masters of funk, rock, and subtle melody delight a huge crowd in the country where their late founding guitarist was born

Israel Daily Picture: Blowing the Shofar on the New Year 80 Years Ago

CAMERA in TOI: Cheap shots: Palestinians put kids in the line of fire

Jews question their future in Germany (Der Spiegel) (h/t Sophie)

People who quoted or linked to EoZ recently:

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