Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tuesday links

From Ian:

Desmond Tutu’s Selective Moral Outrage
"Tutu conveniently did not mention that most of the casualties in Iraq since 2003 have been inflicted by Islamic extremists killing other Muslims, and he has not requested that the leaders of the radical Islamic groups responsible for most of the carnage in Iraq be brought before the ICC. Furthermore, Tutu was silent when Saddam Hussein committed the crimes mentioned above in Mr Blair’s statement."

Turn this Vile Claim on its Head
"Except… there is still one anti-Israel argument that makes my jaw drop. And it is one that is made with unfortunate frequency. It is the “they-of-all-people” argument: the suggestion that the Jews, having faced extraordinary persecution, should know better than anyone not to be oppressors."

UN Watch Hillel Neuer in U.N. Debate: Iran, Antisemitism, and the Non Aligned Movement

Witnesses: Palestinian camp in Syria shelled, killing 2
Around 400 Palestinians have been killed in Syria so far, mostly by snipers, Palestinian official Mohammad Shtayyeh said in early August.

Palestinian throws bag of bombs at checkpoint
Man hurls bag containing four pipe bombs at security forces after being denied entrance to Israel; none injured

No cats in America for Hanan Ashrawi
Denial is a river in Egypt, but it’s also, sadly, the default position of many Arabs and Muslims when it comes to facts they would rather not acknowledge. The Holocaust? It didn’t happen. Israel? It doesn’t exist — not on Arab maps, anyway. Jewish refugees from Arab countries? They left willingly. Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism? A fabrication. (Arabs and Jews have always lived in harmony, haven’t they?)“There are no cats in America“, sang the delusional mice migrants.
Hanan Ashrawi Is to Truth What Smoking Is to Health

Jordan's King Abdullah Declares War on Internet by Khaled Abu Toameh
King Abdullah needs to know that in light of the calls for freedom and democracy, there is no room for such harsh measures against freedom of the media in the Arab world.
Militants from Asia, Russia and Europe outnumber Arab jihadists in Pakistan

ISNA’s Anti-Semitic, Anti-Bahai Speaker
The Muslim Brotherhood has many differences with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Shi’ites in general. However, their invitation of Nasr shows that for ISNA, anti-Semitism and anti-Baha’i sentiment can be the ties that bind. So much for a moral society, but nevertheless insight into the values ISNA promotes in practice.
Israeli technology could presage a world without batteries
Sol-Chip’s embedded photovoltaic energy systems will power a plethora of devices, from the sun

Israel Daily Picture: The Sabbath Walk to the Western Wall -- An Ancient Custom Interrupted for 19 Years
“Under Muslim-Turkish rule of Jerusalem, Jewish access to the Western Wall was often curtailed. After Britain's capture of Jerusalem in 1917, Arab terrorists led by Haj Amin el
Husseini frequently attacked Jews in the Old City. And in the period of the Jordanian occupation of the Old City (1948-1967) it was outright impossible to visit the retaining wall of the Second Temple.”