Friday, September 28, 2012

Today's Arab media anti-semitism

Iraqi newspaper Nasiriyah has an article by someone named Osama Mubarak that reflects how many, many Arabs (and anti-semitic Westerners) think:

The world community competes to find new scientific inventions to benefit mankind, and help us in everyday life. Not surprisingly, Israel is the only entity in the world that invented things that worry and haunt the rest of the world.

In the past they invented the so-called Holocaust and physically blackmailed the world, especially Germany.

Then came the invention of Zionism and the Promised Land, which is a fake Talmudic political movement, its main objective the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and by encouraging immigration of Jews around the world with the unlimited support of Western countries. This was not out of love of Zionism, but to get rid of the Jews and throw them amidst the Arabs.

Another invention is that of Jewish nationalism. The Jews are not a nation, as we know, but a religion, not a race or breed, but ethnic mixtures; nationalism in its true sense is the belief that one people are bound by language and culture, history, geography and interests.

And afterwards came the invention of "the state of the Jewish people," and they tell the world, especially the Arabs, that no solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict can occur without such recognition.

Among these strange and weird and deplorable inventions, a new invention is now unveled and unparalleled in world history - the so-called "Jewish refugees."
But he never explicitly said that it was Jews who faked their deaths in the Holocaust, or that Jews created the idea that they were a nation, or that Jews claim to have been expelled from Arab countries. He doesn't even say that it was Jews who invented the fake Zionist movement. No, Osama Mubarak only says that it was "them."