Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday links

From Ian:

Netanyahu: Time for world to set 'clear red lines' for Iran
PM says at cabinet meeting that sanctions hurting Iranian economy but not deterring Tehran's nuclear advance; decries lack of protest at "anti-Semitic rants" of Iranian leadership during NAM conference.
"I think that the truth must be told," Netanyahu continued. "The international community is not putting down a clear red line to Iran, and Iran is not seeing international determination to stop its nuclear program."
Until the Iranians see a clear red line and this determination, he said, they will not stop moving their nuclear program forward. "Iran cannot get a nuclear weapon," he declared.

J'lem puzzled by Dempsey comment on Iran strike
Dempsey said he did not want to be 'complicit' in strike; Israeli source says comment doesn't represent White House position.

The futility of relying on the international community By ISI LEIBLER
"Ultimately, the bottom line is that we must not succumb to pressures from those seeking to deter us from taking steps to thwart threats to our survival. Nor should we be tempted to rely on undertakings from other, “friendly” nations. We have learned from bitter experience, that when the chips are down we must rely on ourselves. As Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon recently stated “the righteous work may be done by others, but we have to prepare as if no one else will do it for us”.

German Jews slam Muslims for anti-Semitism
"After a Berlin rabbi and his young daughter were assaulted, the president of Germany’s Jewish community on Friday called on the country’s Muslim associations to tackle anti-Semitism within their communities and urged Jews to continue wearing kippot in public."

Photo fraud: CNN resurrects the Rachel Corrie libel
"Now, nine years later, with the Israeli court verdict, CNN still hasn’t learned its lesson. Due either to anti-Israel bias or to pure sloppiness, CNN continues to use the megaphone photos, promoting the libel of Israel intentionally murdering Americans."

MEMRI: British MP Galloway: I Support Bashar For The Reason I Supported Saddam (6 min)

Turkey's appeal for safe zone in Syria sputters

Jordan, UN appeal for $700 million to help deal with influx of Syrian refugees

Abu Hamza's son stole £70,000 of gems in armed smash and grab raid on jewellers
Hamza has seven children and in the past his relatives have been arrested for various offences.
Sons Hamza Mustafa Kamel, Mohamed Kamel Mostafa and Mohssin Ghailan were jailed in 2009 for their part in a £1million luxury car scam.

Imam held in blasphemy case after new testimony
ISLAMABAD: A blasphemy case took a bizarre turn here on Saturday when police arrested Khalid Jadoon, a prayer leader who had allegedly put some pages of the holy Quran among the burnt papers to strengthen the case against a Christian girl.

A high-tech bridge between London and Israel
The UK’s TexChange program will bring the spirit of the Start-Up Nation to UK investors and corporations
"Israel’s got the technology, and Britain has the markets — or at least access to them. Why not bring the two together, letting British companies get access to Israeli start-up technology, to bring new products and services to existing and new markets?"

Israeli water power that doesn’t give a dam
The Jerusalem-based company that invented the Wind Tulip unveils a device to create hydroelectricity inside municipal water pipes.

Top 10 Israeli advances against Alzheimer’s disease
Israel’s researchers are making inroads against the devastating and fatal condition through brain science, drugs and memory enhancement.

Israel’s top 45 greatest inventions of all time
A new exhibit pays homage to Israeli ingenuity behind gadgets like the Disk-on-Key, PillCam, solar windows and a space camera.