Sunday, September 09, 2012

Rockets from Gaza increase; Netivot house destroyed

From YNet:

Two Grad rockets were fired Saturday night at southern Israel. One of the rockets hit a street in the town of Netivot, while the second one exploded in an open area in Beersheba.

Two houses were badly damaged in Netivot, but luckily there were no injuries in the attack. One of the residents whose house was hit escaped injury by running into the bathroom. "The entire house collapsed on me," he said later.

Only two days ago, on Friday morning, two rockets hit open fields in the Netivot area. There were no injuries. The rocket fire was resumed over the weekend after the Israel Defense Forces increased its attacks in Gaza and assassinated a series of terrorist cells.
Lately, only Salafist groups have been taking responsibility for rockets fired into Israel.

But Grad rockets are smuggled into Gaza, not built there. And Hamas controls every weapons tunnel. Which means that Hamas knowingly allows supposed rogue groups to acquire them.

The only conclusion is that even though Hamas pretends it is suppressing rocket fire, the truth is the opposite. Hamas tacitly encourages these groups to fire rockets but maintains its plausible deniability.

That way, Hamas can look "moderate," while its own media gloats over the damage done to the "Zionist usurpers" in Israeli towns they consider "occupied."