Monday, September 10, 2012

More crazy quotes about Canada from Iran and its fans

These are just so funny....
The brick Ottawa built within the shaky wall of Zionism will remain forever as a black stain in the brief history of Canada.

It goes without saying that Canadian extremist Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the key to this entire anti-Iran move.

Known as the ‘Ugly Canadian’, Harper has been widely criticized for shamelessly pandering to Israel and constantly throwing one-sided support behind the Zionist regime in the Palestinian issue.

Canada is hitching its cart to dead horses by making Washington a model of emulation in its foreign policy. Cutting ties with Iran, pandering slavishly to the Zionist regime, ignoring the plight of the downtrodden Palestinians, supporting the despotic Arab regimes in the Middle East and many other things to boot constitute only a small portion of the twisted policies of Canada’s conservative government which will be faced with eventual isolation and left with a legacy of domestic and foreign debts just like Washington. - PressTV
Although there are three times as many Muslim and Arab Canadians as there are Canadian Jews, Harper only retains political control because of his favorable treatment by the Zionist media in Canada and the deep pockets of Canadian Jewish donors swelling his coffers. Harper has attempted to purge the government-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) of those who maintain an even-handed approach to Middle East issues in the same way that the Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio in the United States has seen a similar purge. -PressTV
Iran on Monday said Canada had a "neo-conservative extremist government" as it kept up a furious response to Ottawa's decision last week to cut diplomatic ties.

Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi used that description in an interview with the Iranian parliament's website (icana.ir) in which he also said the Canadian government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper was "boundlessly defending international Zionism." - AFP
The Zionist-beholden, pro-war Canadian Government has broken off diplomatic relations with remote, peaceful Iran and justified this with a comprehensively false litany of allegations. While Iran has not invaded any other countries for centuries, the pro-war, pro-Zionist, US lackey, Canadian Government has been involved in the Zionist-promoted US War on Muslims that has killed 12 million Muslims through violence or war-imposed deprivation since 1990. Further, 1.1 million Canadians have died preventably since 2001 linked to perverted Canadian Government fiscal priorities of killing Muslim abroad rather than keeping Canadians alive at home.- Gideon Polya at Countercurrents
That last statistic is so ridiculous that you have to read the article to believe it. In short, every Canadian who died from, say, cancer - or homicide - since 2001 are assumed to have been indirectly killed by the Canadian government.

I'm sure we'll see some swastika maple leaves with the Star of David on some of these sites any day now.