Sunday, September 09, 2012

Jordanian protesters arrested for "lèse majesté"

From Ammon News:
Jordanian security forces on Saturday arrested nine Pro-reform activists who belong to the Free Tafileh Movement after tense protests that took place Friday in both the southern governorate of Tafileh, and the Tafileh neighborhood in eastern Amman.

The protests turned violent after pro-reform activists reportedly chanted slogans against the Jordanian regime and insulted King Abdullah II and the Royal Court. Security forces fired tear gas at the protesters and went on a campaign to arrest the activists.

A security source told Ammon News that the slogans chanted during the protest went against Jordanian norms and standards of decency, in addition to defamation, slander, and distorting reputation of top figures in Jordan.

Ammon News learned that the nine activists will be facing five major charges, including breaching security and order, Lese-Majeste, slander and defamation, violating public decency, and opposing the existing regime.
I had wondered why previous protests stayed away from saying anything bad about the king - it is because to protest against the king violates more laws!

I'm not sure if these protesters were Islamist, but there is an Islamist protest scheduled today as well.