Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Iran trying hard to incite Muslim world against US, Israel

Ever since the inane "Innocence of Muslims" video was released (and if you think the trailer is bad, check out the apparent full video,) Iran has been in the forefront of trying to stoke the fires of rage in the Muslim world.

As usual, the Iranian leadership has been trying to use any excuse to appear as the leader of the entire Muslim world, and this event has seen a torrent of articles in the Iranian press variously blaming the release of the video on Jews, Americans, NATO and even Mormons - but always in cahoots with "Zionists."

Here is a video showing an ayatollah inciting his followers into attacking the US:

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami: This wave of holy rage must turn into a hurricane or a tsunami against the US so that they will refrain from toying with what is holy to the Muslims. They should learn that toying with Islam and with its most honorable prophet is tantamount to playing with a lion's tail. They will pay a steep price for this. They have already paid for this, and they will pay more.

It is notable that Iranian media still pushes the lie of the "100 Jewish backers" of the video.

The cynicism is obvious, but it is so easy to manipulate the opinions of millions of naive Muslims.

While the Danish cartoon controversy died down after a week or so, Iran is doing everything it can to stoke the fires of this fake outrage.