Monday, September 10, 2012

Hamas to build terror museum with Iranian help

The Hamas-based Palestine Times reports that a new museum is being planned in Gaza to commemorate the "resistance," i.e., terrorism.

The Hamas minister of Culture, Youth and Sports signed an agreement with his Iranian counterpart on a number of cultural initiatives, including the terror museum in Gaza.

Minister Mohammed al-Madhoun visited Tehran and met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Mohammad Hosseini, his culture minister, along with other Iranian officials. After more than five days of talks the Hamas minister signed a memorandum of cultural cooperation with Iran. They agreed to exchange delegations and have Iran offer training courses in various fields, especially film, for Gazans. One of the major promises was cooperation to build a museum to commemorate the "resistance."

It seems likely that the museum will be patterned after a similar museum in southern Lebanon that Hezbollah uses to indoctrinate youngsters into lives of terrorism.