Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday links

From Ian:

LATMA: Obama's reality perception advisor explains his Iran policy

Where Are the Muslim Protests for... ? by Khaled Abu Toameh
They are driven by their blind hatred for the US and all non-Muslims.
"Where are the street protests against human rights and media violations in the Arab and Islamic countries? Aren't most of these violations and abuses being committed in the name of Islam?
Most of the Muslims who have been protesting the defaming of Islam and Prophet Mohamed in the Arab and Islamic countries have most likely not even seen the film; they are driven by their blind hatred for the US and all non-Muslims."

Palestinian rejectionism showcased again as their leaders go the extra mile to avoid peace talks with Israel
"Why are the Palestinians so intent on getting someone else to set the terms of peace negotiations for them? Israel, after all, is practically begging them to sit down and talk directly, without preconditions. Why are they so desperate to avoid this?
Whatever Erekat says, the Palestinians, more than anybody, must know that efforts to set the terms of any negotiations through the UN make meaningful talks much less likely, if not impossible. So what is their game?
Depressingly, it all smacks of the same old rejectionist strategy that the Palestinians have adopted since refusing a two-state solution all those decades ago. If there’s an opportunity to be missed, they miss it. If there’s a diversion to be found, they find it.”

"The Prime Minister’s Office warned Thursday that a Palestinian unilateral statehood bid at the UN, along with attempts to set the territorial boundaries of the conflict through a General Assembly resolution, would be a “mistake” and “a blow to the peace process.”

CIFWatch: When Israelis can’t be blamed: Tens of thousands of dead Syrians & ‘humanitarian’ flotillas not sent
"Remember the 2010 Gaza Flotilla? Who doesn’t.
Well, another “Humanitarian” flotilla is on its way to Gaza (from Sweden) while Damascus is dying ."

How the West is losing the cognitive war with Islamism and its death cults by Richard Landes
"And the most terrible thing is, Obama lost face not only in the eyes of foes so deadly even he will admit they’re “the enemy,” but also to bystanders.
If you want to know who the strong horse is in the eyes of people around the globe, now in our twelfth year since 9/11, do not look to any Western figure. Our champions, like Judith Butler and Noam Chomsky, score own-goals, and we cheer them on. If this were merely a war of words, it might not be so bad, but the purpose of their war or words is to better position to strike on the battlefield. This is not a war we who treasure freedom can afford to lose."

How Orientalism Shaped Obama
The White House’s response to the anti-Islam video is proof of the enduring influence of Edward Said’s ideas
"He would have been wrong. The truth is that there are lots of people in the region who are disdainful of Said’s paternalism, his eagerness of find offense everywhere in order to protect Middle Eastern sensibilities. Rather, they want exactly what Americans have, the right to criticize anything we like, including or especially religion. The Obama Administration failed them as well as Americans when they missed an opportunity to make a robust defense of America’s universal values. Instead, it was trying to placate a bloodthirsty mob by observing the intellectual strictures of an English professor."

Palestine: Romney Recognizes Reality – Rejects Arab Revanchism by David Singer
"Replacing fiction and falsehood with historic, geographic and demographic facts is the ball that Mr Romney needs to pick up and kick downfield – should he become America’s next President.
Come to think of it – President Obama should do exactly the same thing if he is returned to the White House for another four years. Recognizing reality and rejecting Arab revanchism is certainly the only way to now score a goal."

Jpost Editorial: Iran’s deceit
Iranian leaders have not shied away from extraordinary honesty of late. The same sort of bluntness and candidness should be employed by the West.

Ahmadinejad: Anti-Islam film an Israeli ploy
Iranian president slams Israel as military parade displays Shahab 3 missile, which it claims can reach Tel Aviv.

National Iranian American Council confirmed as front group for Iran's bloody Islamic regime
"The case reached national prominence when Parsi's e-mails (produced during discovery) not only confirmed his ties to the mullahs but also that he has delivered lectures to the CIA, briefed Secretary Hilary [sic] Clinton and visited the Obama White House starting in 2009. As recently as this past July, he was hosted by Senior Adviser to the President Valerie Jarrett."

West accuses Iran of shipping arms to Syria
United Nations ‘can’t be complacent’ about Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, US ambassador says
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The four Western powers trying to rein in Iran’s nuclear program are accusing Tehran of shipping arms to Syria in violation of United Nations sanctions and ignoring demands from the UN to open key nuclear facilities to its inspectors.

Iranian militias ‘pose threat to U.S.’

Hamas worried as Egypt closes tunnels
Zahar calls for Gaza to become a free trade zone with Egypt after the shutting down of smuggling tunnels.

Germany postpones posters aimed at countering radical Islam
Kotel - Yom Kippur 1904
Germany's Interior Ministry has postponed at the last minute a poster campaign advertising a hotline aimed at countering radical Islam because of fears it could have incited violence by extremists.

Israel Daily Picture: Yom Kippur 100 Years Ago -- Or More:
Photographic Treasures from the Library of Congress from Jerusalem, New York and a French Battlefield

UC Student Association secretly passes anti-Israel resolution
On Saturday, September 15, a resolution was passed condemning HR 35, a California State Assembly resolution at UC Berkeley. Accusing Israel of “racism,” the UCSA urged the UC Board of Regents to divest from companies aiding Israel in alleged human rights violations. The planning of the initiative was kept secret until the day of. No agenda was published in advance. With no engagement from Jewish and other campus groups, there was no way for opponents of the measure to have their voices heard. Meanwhile, leaders of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) were given an opportunity to convey their message at the meeting.

'Most Israeli gays are right-wing, mediocre and boring, and want a husband and children'

Moderates or Manipulators? Tunisia’s Ennahda Islamists by Oren Kessler

Real Jerusalem Streets looks at Arabs in Jerusalem somehow not living in fear for their lives before a major Jewish holiday.

The LA Times still refuses to release the Obama/Khalidi dinner videotape. Because, you see, they are ethical.

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