Sunday, September 16, 2012

Arab media: "Thousands of Jews desecrating the Wailing Wall"

The Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation's latest press release, picked up by other Arab media, is upset over the thousands of Jews who attended the midnight Selichot on the eve of Rosh Hashanah.

Thousands of Israelis last night desecrated the Wailing Wall and surrounding areas, where they had gathered from late night to dawn in the squares and performed biblical and Talmudic rituals, and loudly chanted, on the eve of the so-called "festival the Jewish New Year," which falls tomorrow and beyond. there is expected to be an increased presence of Israelis at the Wailing Wall over the next two days, guarded by the Israeli occupation forces.

And they have photos of this "desecration:"

But even worse are the Jews who ascended to the Temple Mount this morning:
In a related matter some sixty settlers stormed the Aqsa Mosque Sunday morning around 9:20, arriving via   the Mughrabi Gate. They wandered in the area, while performing some Talmudic rituals, accompanied by elements of the occupation forces. Witnesses said  that the atmosphere in the al-Aqsa mosque was very tense, and the number of intruders on the mosque may increase in the coming hours under repeated calls from the Israeli bodies to intensify their storming of Aqsa during the so-called "festive Jewish season" which begins this afternoon and lasts about a month.
Here are the offensive photos of those scary Jews "storming" the Temple Mount: