Sunday, September 02, 2012

Arab admits poisoning family because he "hates Jews"

From YNet:
A Palestinian man residing in the West Bank village of Beit Furik, near Nablus, was arrested for allegedly poisoning a Raanana family and a police volunteer in October 2011.

Adnan Othman Nasaara, 46, has reportedly admitted to lacing food and drink in the Lerner family home with pesticides, because he "hates Jews."

The police also arrested two other suspects in the case. One has been identified as Hassan Abd el-Rahim, 27, from Tira, who denies involvement in the act. The identity of the second suspect has not been revealed.

According to the police, he admitted his involvement in the case and reenacted it for the investigators.

Police investigator Ilana Kosinovesko told Ynet that in his interrogation, Nasaara said he "hates Jews because they're Jews."
But YNet says something curious:
Major-General Ilan Mor, of Hasharon Subdistrict Police, said that it was unclear whether the suspect was planning to perpetrate similar nationalistically-motivated crimes in the future.
When the criminal admits that he "hates Jews because they are Jews," how can anyone construe his crime as "nationalistically motivated"?

Israel's critics accuse Zionists of bringing up anti-semitism at the drop of a hat, and yet YNet is going out of its way to claim that an admitted anti-semite is really just "pro-Palestinian"!

UPDATE: Hebrew-speaking commenters note that the Hebrew phrase "for nationalistic reasons," על רקע לאומני, is a known euphemism for racial attacks.