Saturday, August 04, 2012

Yes! An Iranian won a bronze Zionist medal!

Last year I wrote:

Remember in February and March when Iran complained that the London 2012 Olympics logo really spelled "Zion"? Here's how they broke that insidious Zionist code, in case you forgot:

Well, they now have a quandary.

Because the medals were revealed today, and they have that same super-evil-Illiminati-Freemason-Zionist symbol!

Iran has won medals in the last five summer Olympic games (weightlifting, wrestling and Taekwondo) so chances are one or more Iranians will be handed the hated symbol.

Will Iran ban its athletes from winning medals? Will they confiscate winning medals and melt them down, donating the proceeds to Hamas? Will they pretend that they didn't spend an entire month whining about the symbolism and grit their teeth if they win?  

I'm now rooting for Iran to win third place in some obscure sport, just to see how they deal with this. No matter how they handle it, it will be funny. 

Well, I got my wish.

Here is Iranian Kianoush Rostami with his bronze medal - complete with the hated Zionist symbol -  in weightlifting in the 86kg category:

But AP has an even better photo of him juxtaposed with the Olympics logo, apparently after he lost in his attempt for the gold:

After Iran spent all that time last year saying the Olympics symbol is an evil Zionist plot, it is funny to see them now pretending that it is a wonderful honor to have a medal with that same symbol.