Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday links

From Ian:

Students promote Israel’s compliance with int'l law
“Those who hate and desire to annihilate Israel must not be permitted to mis-brand Israel as a cover for their own heinous acts of terrorism…. This conference attempts to give up-andcoming international attorneys the ability to understand the important issues of the day,” said Heideman."
“This initiative is all the more impressive because it is spearheaded by Israeli students concerned about how legal minds of the future are viewing their country…. To fully appreciate the balance that Israel is striking every day between upholding the highest humanitarian standards and complying with international law, you need to come here,” said Stand With Us Israel Director Michael Dickson.

Stand with US: Stand With Us San Diego First Anniversary Celebration (Video)

Iran Isolated? Tell it to the UN
"This meeting will occur only a week after Iran held its annual Israel hate fest where the country’s governmental, religious and military leaders vied with each other for the honor of saying the most extreme things about the Jewish state and their ideas about wiping it off the map. That Ban would choose this particularly sensitive time to go to Tehran is a terrible miscalculation even if the non-aligned nations make up the bulk of the UN’s membership."

Arafat Was Poisoned "And We All Know By Whom": Nobel Laureate
"Here's flotilla alumna and Russell Tribunal member Mairead Maguire, addressing a meeting of Irish Israel-bashers at which Haneen Zoabi MK was guest of honour."

George Galloway implies Assange is guilty only of bad sexual etiquette
"George Galloway should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for his disgusting remarks regarding the allegations made against Julian Assange, and his supporters should hold him to account"

Israel and the Jewish Left
Jewish support for the enemies of Israel represents the triumph of leftism over Jewishness.

Int'l force in Sinai quiet amid concern of violations
The 1,650-strong Multinational Force and Observers team in Sinai is keeping a low public profile amid growing Israeli concern that Egypt may be violating the 1979 Camp David Treaty by bringing heavy weaponry into Sinai without first coordinating with Jerusalem.

Washington calls for Egyptian transparency amid military buildup in Sinai
State Department responds to Israeli jitters over anti-terror operation, saying needed security operation should conform to peace treaty terms

Egypt: Conspiring Against Ruler Is Conspiring Against God – Salafi

Comparing the Zion Square Beating and Ramallah 2000 Lynchings
"Israeli officials vowed to bring all the assailants to justice. Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon said it ran “contrary to Jewish morality and values, and constitutes first and foremost an educational and moral failure.”

Rabbi Sued for Performing a Bris in Germany
Following June’s controversial court ruling a doctor sues a rabbi

Scottish bank suspected of violating Iran sanctions

Kravitz cancels Israel gig
October concert in Tel Aviv postponed due to filming conflict; sources say gig will happen, but don’t know when. A number of European concert dates were also canceled.

Israel Daily Picture: The Hebron Massacre, August 24, 1929.

What History Lies behind the Facade of the Mt. Zion Hotel in Jerusalem?

UN Media Official Responsible for False Photo Tweet

In last Friday’s links, Elder added this story from Daphne Anson: "This Programme Is Sponsored By Auckland City Council" & "To Bring Down The Israeli State"
I thought the Council footage looked suspicious, old URLs etc, I emailed them and it appears to be a fake. Their “Senior advisor internet and new media” replied “Thanks so much for taking the time to pass this onto us. We will report to YouTube and ask them to take it down.”