Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday links - two sets for the price of one!

From Ian:

No Future in France: Dire Times for French Jews
The Toulouse massacre did not bring French anti-Semitism to a halt. It actually increased.
“Any time young people approach me in order to get married, I ask them various questions about their future. Eighty percent of them say they do not envision any future in France.” This is what one rabbi in Paris told me last week. I heard similar statements from other French rabbis and lay Jewish leaders: “We have a feeling the words are on the wall now,” one leader in the Lyons area confided to me. “It is not just our situation in this country deteriorating; it is also that the process is much quicker than expected.”

Honest Reporting Op Ed Righting a capital offense
“When HonestReporting filed a complaint with the UK’s Press Complaints Commission in response to The Guardian’s labeling of Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, we did so expecting accuracy and common sense to prevail.
Outrageously, the PCC not only ruled in favor of The Guardian but actually went as far as to unilaterally declare that Tel Aviv was Israel’s legitimate capital, based mainly on the fact that many foreign embassies are located there.”

Hezbollah Leader: Our Rockets Can Hit All of Israel
Speaking in Lebanon on Monday ahead of “Quds Day”, Sheikh Nabil Kaouk said Hezbollah will continue its attempts to free “Palestine”, rid Israel from its presence in Jerusalem, and that the group’s missiles can reach anywhere in Israel.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Accuses Israel of Ruling World by Proxy

Fars: Senior Cleric: Regional Revolutionary Nations Able to Annihilate Zionist Regime
TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami underlined the importance of this year's International Qods Day rallies, and said the revolutionary nations of the region are able to annihilate the Zionist regime.

Security services record Islamist exodus to Egypt
German security services have recorded a leap in the number of radical Islamists traveling to Egypt, according to a report due to be published in Monday's Der Spiegel magazine.

Captured Syrian pilot calls on Assad forces to defect
Video posted of pilot who rebels claim they shot down during bombing run

Catholic Church picks Bahrain as Gulf HQ
In February, it was reported that a Kuwaiti parliamentarian was set to submit a draft law banning the construction of churches and non-Islamic places of worship in the Gulf state.

Jewish groups protest ‘revisionist plaque’ at Babi Yar
Victims, formerly identified as Jews, now referred to as ‘peaceful citizens and Soviet prisoners of war’

Canada to release Raoul Wallenberg stamp

Israeli Innovation: Helping to Solve Global Water Issues
“The Israeli desalination company, IDE Technologies, which has been in operation for more than 40 years, has made many advances in desalination technology, installing over 400 desalination plants in 40 countries, including the Caribbean Islands and United States. In recent years, IDE won major contracts with Cyprus, India, Australia, and China.”

HIV peptide packs a punch for cancer treatment
Hebrew U. medical researchers find a tiny peptide encoded by the HIV virus could hold the key to making cancer therapies more successful.

Israel Trail named one of world’s best
National Geographic compliments the 620-miles stretch for its combination of ancient and modern history, Middle East wilderness

From Zvi:

Israel Home to Former Olympic Legend
"Agnes Keleti, 91 now, won 10 Olympic medals in gymnastics, including five golds, for Hungary in the 1950s before defecting and emigrating to Israel."
"The dramatic development also caught Israel by surprise. Several Egyptian officials who were "retired" by Morsi had close working relations with their Israeli counterparts over a period of many years. The personnel changes may have an adverse effect on the diplomatic and security relations between the neighboring countries."
"Ayalon will today inaugurate a new trauma center and emergency Ward at Mulago hospital, funded and constructed through MASHAV – Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation."
"In an important step that will scale up their economic ties, India and Israel will hold the fifth round of negotiations over a free trade area (FTA) agreement in New Delhi from Tuesday.The negotiations, to be held Aug 14-16, will be led by D.S. Dhesi, joint secretary in the Indian commerce ministry and Ohad Cohen, deputy director general of the Israeli ministry of industry and trade."
"The sources said a call by South Africa’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim Ismael Ebrahim on Sunday to his countrymen to refrain from visiting Israel “let the cat out of the bag,” and demonstrated the hollowness of South African government protestations that it was against boycotts, and that the recent move to label items from the settlements was just trying to “promote transparency.”"
"North Africa’s Jews originated in biblical-era Israel and are more closely related to Jews from other parts of the world than they are to non-Jewish North Africans, according to a new genetics study. The study “strengthens the case for a biological basis for Jewishness,” said medical geneticist Harry Ostrer of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, who led the study.However, his research also found that Ethio­pian Jews are so distantly related to other Jews that their community must have been founded by only a few itinerants, who converted local people to Judaism.The latest research builds on an earlier study that found significant genetic similarity between European and Middle Eastern Jews. Among the new findings: Jews from Morocco and Algeria are more closely related to Jews from Europe, while Jews from Tunisia and Libya are more closely related to those in the Middle East.That DNA evidence lends credence to accounts that in 312 B.C., Egypt’s king settled Jews in what is now Tunisia. The traditional belief, now bolstered, is that after the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70, 30,000 Jews were deported to Carthage, in what is now Tunisia.One surprising finding: Georgian Jews are closely related to those of the Middle East, including those in Iraq and Iran."

Also, at CiFWatch:Islamic Human Rights Commission & Al Quds Day: Tip of the UK’s Iranian support network iceberg

Plus: Neo-Nazi flash mobs strike German cities, aim to become 'immortal' on YouTube (h/t O)

And at Palwatch: PA TV music video honors killer of 13