Friday, August 17, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood spins a bizarre conspiracy theory

But I thought they were so rational!
Senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood have accused Mohamed Dahlan, the former leader of the Palestinian Fatah party, of orchestrating the 5 August attacks near the Rafah border that left 16 Egyptian soldiers dead.

Brotherhood leader Ali Abdel Fatah told Al-Masry Al-Youm that Dahlan has a dark history of violence, and that he had attempted to stage a coup against former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and current President Mahmoud Abbas. Fatah expressed hope that security bodies would find the real culprits.

Freedom and Justice Party MP Hassan al-Birins claimed on Twitter that Dahlan was dismissed from Fatah for collusion with Israel in recruiting Palestinians as mercenaries against the Hamas government and he smuggled some of these recruits into Israel. When Hamas took control of Gaza, some of these recruits remained in Egypt.

Israel used eight of these mercenaries in Sinai to carry out the attack, he claimed, alleging that the culprits jumped from an armored vehicle the Israeli forces destroyed.
Wow! The only other person I can think of who can come up with such a convoluted anti-Israel conspiracy theory lives in Seattle.

In other Sinai news, the "Salafi Jihad Front" organization denied any connection to the attacks on Egyptian soldiers. They admit shooting rockets at Eilat; they admit to sabotaging the natural gas pipeline to Israel, but they say they wouldn't attack Egyptian soldiers.

Interestingly, they are clearly not afraid of being arrested by Egyptian security for shooting rockets from the Sinai or blowing up gas pipelines.