Monday, August 06, 2012

Syria war hurts Jordanian exports to Europe, Turkey

From Ammon News:

The head of Jordan's trucking association says that civil war in Syria has closed his country's main export route to Europe and Turkey.

Mohammed Khair al-Daoud says the blocked exports consist mostly of fruit and vegetables. He said Monday that imports of food, clothes, and other goods carried by Kuwaiti, Turkish and Iraqi trucks passing through Syria to Jordan from Turkey also stopped last week.

He says drivers want to avoid centers of unrest in Syria as well as highway bandits, who recently beat a Jordanian truck driver and stripped him of his money.
I'm pretty sure that the Zionist enemy that is hell-bent on destroying the Arab economy (and, indeed, the entire Arab world) would be happy to route Jordanian produce via its ports on the Mediterranean, as well as to facilitate imports.

All you have to do is ask.