Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday links

From Ian:

Abbas urges Egypt to destroy underground tunnels
"Abdel Raheem (Top aid to Abbas) said the tunnels had for some time been posing a threat to Egypt’s national security and the unity of the Palestinians.
Dismissing claims that the tunnels were being used to prevent a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, Abdel Raheem said they served only a small group of people – a reference to Hamas leaders.
“The tunnels have nothing to do with economic prosperity in the Gaza Strip,” he stressed. “The Palestinian Authority allocates more than half its budget for the Gaza Strip.”

CIFWatch: The death of Camp David? On the real world consequences of “Land for Peace”
"And have all these retreats – Bethlehem, Hebron, Jenin, and Gush Katif- brought Israel one moment of peace? The grandchild of the 1978 Camp David Accords, the Oslo process, brought only a dramatic escalation in violence and bloodshed.
Necessity being the mother of invention, Israel must take a cold, hard look at the failed promises, dashed hopes and lives lost as the direct result of the strange calculus known as ‘land-for-peace’. Going forward, a new diplomatic paradigm, based on mutual respect, trade, tourism, investment and collaborative efforts in the fields of technology and medicine should be developed. In other words, scrap land-for-peace and replace it with peace-for-peace.
Until then, Israel and its neighbors are destined to wallow in a state of low-level bellicosity, with occasional flare ups as we’ve seen over the last several days in the Sinai Peninsula."

Open Zion: Denigrating Jewish Refugees by Lyn Julius
“The pro-Nazi Palestinian leader, Haj Amin al-Husseini, instigated the Farhud pogrom against the Jews of Iraq in 1941. He sought Nazi license to exterminate Jews in Arab countries as well as Palestine “ in the same way as the problem was resolved in the Axis Countries.” Before the mass Palestinian exodus, the Arab League hatched a postwar, coordinated Nuremberg-style plan to persecute their Jewish citizens as enemy aliens.”
“By what right can Lara Friedman denigrate the rights of half the Jewish population of Israel, who descend from refugees of Arab and Muslim lands? What is truly degrading is her denial of Jewish refugee rights and belittling of Jewish suffering. Justice for Jewish refugees is an unresolved human rights issue with no statute of limitations. Its pursuit is more, not less, likely to achieve reconciliation between the two peoples.”

There are 200 to 300 Merah in France, the secret services do not have the means to monitor all 24h/24" (French)
“The Interior Ministry on Thursday declassified documents classified defense secrets of the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI) on Mohamed Merah. The terrorist was not only known services since 2009, but it was also a "prime target" of the DCRI for its proximity to Toulouse radical Islamists. The French intelligence could they avoid the drama?”

White House says it has ‘eyes’ inside Iranian nuclear program
"The United States said Friday it had “eyes” and “visibility” inside Iran’s nuclear program and would know if Tehran had made a “breakout” move toward acquiring a nuclear weapon.
The comment by White House spokesman Jay Carney followed Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s remark that new U.S. intelligence suggested that the threat from Iran was becoming more “urgent.”

Peter Kent condemns anti-israel rally at Queen’s Park (Canada)

US and Turkey to take ‘in-depth’ look at creating Syrian no-fly zone

Jewish graves desecrated in Germany
Two teenagers arrested for disturbing the dead and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to cemetery in Treuchtlingen

Ankie Spitzer to lead worldwide minute of silence Sunday for Munich 11
Widow of Israeli coach who was killed at the 1972 Games will join the JCC Maccabi Games opening ceremonies

RT: Unwanted: Jews in Egypt feel threatened in post-revolution Cairo
"The Arab Spring and rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood have soured its relations with Israel. It's also deeply affecting Jews in Egypt who until recently, considered it their home."

Can Syria's Christians Survive?
In the land of St. Paul's conversion, ancient Catholic and Orthodox communities are finding themselves on the wrong side of an increasingly sectarian conflict.
"A century ago, the Levant supported a population that was perhaps 20% Christian. Now it is closer to 5%. Syria today hosts vibrant, if dwindling, communities of various ancient sects: Syrian Orthodox, Syrian Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholics and Armenian Orthodox."

Freed Ethiopian Christians Claim Saudi Government 'Hates' Non-Muslims
"A group of 35 Ethiopian Christians arrested in Saudi Arabia last year for holding a midnight vigil at a private home were deported earlier this week, and some of them claim they were apprehended simply because Saudi officials "hate" non-Muslims."

Lebanese star reported for smoking in Ramadan
"Her driver, an Algerian who was fasting, asked her to put out the cigarette, but she refused and kept on smoking, local Arabic daily Al Chorouk reported.
Angered by her reaction, the Algerian drove the car to a police station in the city of Chelghoum Laïd and reported her to the police for failing to show due respect to Muslims."

Fatwa By Senior Al-Qaeda Sheikh Sanctions Killing 'Alawites In Syria

Also, "Forest Fire Jihad" (IMRA)

Israeli tourism booming (AP)

Arabs upset over Ha'aretz cartoon

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