Sunday, August 05, 2012

Nice shooting!

Once again, a man on a motorcycle in Gaza was killed by an Israeli missile.

And once again, he was no civilian.

From the Islamic Jihad mouthpiece Palestine Today:

According to our correspondent in the southern sector [of Gaza] a Zionist bombing suddenly targeted a motorcyclethat led to the martyrdom of 'Eid Okal Hijazi, 22, and wounding another who was taken to Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital, southern Gaza Strip.

It is worth mentioning that the martyr 'Eid Okal Hijazi is a resistance fighter in the Nasser Saladin Brigades, the military wing of the [Popular] Resistance Committee.
And we have pictures!

That's a mighty small crater. Which indicates that Israel has more regard for the lives of innocent Palestinian Arabs than Hamas does.