Friday, August 24, 2012

More on the absurd claims that science proves the Koran

My article on the Muslim claim about a Jewish embryologist who supposedly converted to Islam based on his scientific research is receiving a lot of attention - from Muslim countries.

Many of my hits today are from people Googling "Robert Gilham Islam", "Robert Gilham embryologist", "Robert Gillham Einstein" and similar queries indicating that people who read the many articles in Arabic about this supposed story are researching it themselves to corroborate it.

And these queries are coming from Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Jordan, Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

What I hadn't noticed before is that the source of the story, Dr. Abdel Basset Mohamed al-Sayed, is the same person who recently claimed that NASA was hiding proof of the Koran discovered by their scientists - another of whom supposedly converted to Islam!

In this article from August 11th, we see al-Sayed making both of these claims as well as some others that supposedly show scientists around the world proving the Koran.

For example, al-Sayed claims that a "Professor Keith Moore" proved that a fetus' gender gets determined at exactly 42 days of gestation - not 41 and a half, but exactly 42 - every single time, "proving" a Koranic verse.

Apparently, that one interview spawned both of these uncorroborated and unprovable stories.

The good news is that Arabic talkbacks in some of the articles about "Robert Gilham" are also showing skepticism. The many Google searches indicate also that many Muslims are trying to verify the story on their own. While most comments swallow the story whole, a distinct minority indicates that they do not believe it.

And at least one forum has much skepticism about the story, quoting my article.

But at the same time that some Muslims are questioning the story -Arabic Russia Today republished it!

UPDATE: Followup post here on the background of Islamic misuse of science. It is a well-organized and well-funded bit of propaganda.